Where big data really is BIG: the most complex machine in the world

IN Machine Learning — 26 February, 2014

In a 27 kilometer- (16.77 mile-) long tunnel on the border between Switzerland and France, the most complex machine in the world is located: the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the largest existing particle accelerator. Blue Yonder founder Professor Michael Feindt worked on experiments on this huge machine and at that time developed the NeuroBayes algorithm. Today, thousands of scientists carry out basic research at CERN. "You never know what will come out of it," said Canadian physicist Pauline Gagnon of one of the four large experiments at CERN. We go outside to see what we will find. “It is a bit like gathering mushrooms. You can come back with a good ‘haul' or you can come back with nothing." Austrian public broadcasting company ORF provided a fascinating look at the work of the research team and at the underlying technology.

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