The Data Science Academy: reflecting real-world practice, and aimed at strategic managers

IN Data Science General — 17 January, 2014

Starting in mid-February, the Data Science Academy, created by Blue Yonder, will begin teaching. The head of the Academy, Dr. Ulrich Kerzel, describes the course content and how it was individually and specifically tailored to managers, specialists, and future data scientists.

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 Data science means something different to enterprise strategists and managers, expert users, as well as the next generation of scientists. But what it does have in common is being the foundation of your career success and being able to master it. This principle has been our guide, as we designed the course program for the Data Science Academy. Enterprise strategists and managers will get to know big data as a productivity factor. Alongside the opportunities that predictive analytics brings, we will also present the many management challenges in dealing with data science. Specialist users learn what statistical processes and forecasts can mean to them in their work life. During our course, they will also be given the ability to judge the quality of forecasts.

However, the hard work really takes place in our intensive data science  training course. Analysts, scientists and engineers will discover methods and applications for business, from the ground up. They will get to know the programming language Python as an instrument of data science and also learn the foundations of statistics, machine learning and visualization. In order to adapt the program optimally to these diverse focused areas, we have created a scientific advisory board.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Maaß, chair for Microeconomics and Business at the University of Saarland, Germany, provides his knowledge in the area of industrial big data and as an expert in business IT. Senior Research Scientist Dominik Janzing of the Max Planck Institute for intelligent systems in Tübingen, Germany, has developed new methods for causal data Analysis. As software providers for big data analytics and experts for automated mass decision-making, along with our advisors, we, at Blue Yonder offer realistic and proven practices for enterprises and what they do in their daily business life. 

We support the course participants in being able to gain knowledge of data with a single “look” and to identify the “drivers” of big data in their own enterprise. What tools and which software packages are useful? What can be achieved with data, anyway? In this regard, it is clear to us that the scientific potential of big data has not been exhausted, or even recognized. Not by a long shot. In the Data Science Academy, we give the “actors” in enterprises, according to their personalities, an excellent “goodie-bag” for taking this exciting trip. The goal is to fully exploit the potential of big data for one’s own enterprise and one’s own individual career.

Dr. Ulrich Kerzel Dr. Ulrich Kerzel

earned his PhD under Professor Dr Feindt at the US Fermi National Laboratory and at that time made a considerable contribution to core technology of NeuroBayes. He continued this work as a Research Fellow at CERN before he came to Blue Yonder as a Principal Data Scientist.