Technology Review: Blue Yonder is one of the most innovative enterprises

Amazon, Facebook, Uber: Blue Yonder is in good company with its inclusion in the 50 most innovative enterprises list. "Technology Review" went looking for companies that will lastingly change our world and found Blue Yonder. Their predictive applications are an expression of digital change and help businesses make the right automated decisions. A real-world example: The British fast food chain EAT now throws away 14 percent less food than before.

From gene therapies for cancer to highly sensitive lightweight robots and web services for poorer countries, the palette of innovations that "Technology Review" put together includes them all. "In the last year, the companies listed have fully realized new ideas or shaped entire sectors,” as the magazine puts it.


Among them is Blue Yonder as a leading provider of cloud-based Predictive Applications. Many commercial and consumer goods companies use Blue Yonder's predictive applications to manage their materials. They lower their storage costs and write-offs and can plan very closely to real sales. Dynamic pricing is an additional predictive analytics application, which many enterprises are using successfully. Generally speaking, the Blue Yonder algorithm can be used to make forecasts along the entire customer journey, providing sales and marketing with valuable insights into various successfully using Blue Yonder's dynamic-pricing software. Furthermore, forecasts along the customer journey offer valuable insights for sales and marketing.

Wherever mass decisions are important, Blue Yonder's Neuro-Bayes algorithm can be used. Data analysis with Blue Yonder not only leads to decisions that boost business success, it also makes relationships and interconnections transparent. According to Blue Yonder founder, Professor Michael Feindt, “Data analysis is a powerful ‘weapon,’ which offers considerable opportunities”.

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