Automated decisions in real time

IN General — 25 September, 2015

Industry 4.0, or the industrial internet — a hot topic in the truest sense of the word. The World Economic Forum launched an initiative on it at its yearly meeting in Davos, Switzerland in 2014, and the initial results of the research project have now come in.

Technology Review: Blue Yonder is one of the most innovative enterprises

Amazon, Facebook, Uber: Blue Yonder is in good company with its inclusion in the 50 most innovative enterprises list. "Technology Review" went looking for companies that will lastingly change our world and found Blue Yonder. Their predictive applications are an expression of digital change and help businesses make the right automated decisions. A…

Scalable Data Science: Apache Aurora at Blue Yonder

IN Blue Yonder, General — 18 July, 2015

As a SaaS provider, we at Blue Yonder care about the full lifecycle of predictive applications. It is not enough to build, train and run machine learning models once; we have to continuously operate and maintain them in order to keep pace with the evolving businesses of the customers we are empowering.

Automated processes are the gold of the digital future

Blue Yonder, with the motto "Into the Digital Future with Predictive Applications and Automated Processes," invites you to an event to be held on July 7th and 8th, 2015 the 4th Big Data & Analytics Congress in Cologne, Germany. The name Datalympics suggests what the event is about: The focus here is not theory, but practice.

New: The Blue Yonder Book

Data have become the fourth factor of production. Anyone can claim that, right? True, but we at Blue Yonder can demonstrate it using examples from the everyday business activities of companies. We’ve put all these together in our new book, “When Probability Becomes Reality,” which you can download as an ebook. Or order a printed copy, and we’ll send…

The Difference Between Enterprise and Consumer Predictive Applications

Predictive Applications are everywhere (and they are hardly being noticed). In one of our previous blog posts, I showed that more than half of a typical early adopter's home screen is already covered by predictive applications. These predictive applications collect data, make predictions (hence the name) and ultimately drive decisions, for instance…

The potential of causal data science

IN Data Science, General — 31 March, 2015

Data science has been amazingly successful in exploring statistical correlations and dependences and predicting probabilities of future events. Getting causal information from data would be the next qualitative step.

Optimized sales planning with Forward Demand 5.0

IN General — 26 March, 2015

User-friendly data visualization and expanded reporting power: the 5.0 version of Forward Demand gives commercial enterprises even more flexible sales planning. We introduce the latest version of our SaaS solution here.

Anticipating customer wishes with predictive applications

German supermarket chain Kaiser's Tengelmann sells quality fresh products and is introducing predictive applications from Blue Yonder at all of its 500 German stores. With it, goods planning can be automated using accurate, special forecasts tailored to the individual store. In this way, the forecasting software prevents both understocks and…

5 Painful Prediction Pitfalls

Through my work with customers and data scientists building predictive applications based on the Blue Yonder Platform and integrating our standard products, such as Forward Demand, into customer workflows, I’ve encountered a few common prediction pitfalls. While these might not ruin the scientific validity of the model, they may affect the…