3 Award Nominations that Prove Our AI is Delivering Real Value

IN General — 16 August, 2017

In the new retail landscape, the power of AI to extract value cannot be underestimated, and the global retail industry is recognizing this in many ways – not least, through its industry awards. Three respected UK organizations - the IGD, Retail Week, and Computing.co.uk –are all championing Blue Yonder’s achievements as examples of AI excellence in…

Building Robust AI Systems – Part II

IN General — 02 August, 2017

Building a robust Artificial Intelligence (AI) system is a challenging task: The previous blog post covered many of the more technical aspects from data handling and storage, dealing with data quality, deploying AI models and operational excellence. The technical setup to calculate billions of predictions that deliver optimal decisions needs to be…

The New Retail Balance Sheet: Why Data is an Asset – and How to Value It

The call to utilize big data is more than five years old now, and retailers are well aware of the huge commercial value in acting on insight. However, the narrative surrounding how to act on this insight hasn’t evolved in that time – and it needs to.

How UK Retailers can successfully navigate Brexit

Many leading UK Retailers are already feeling the effects of Brexit. Growing inflation and a volatile currency are putting significant pressure on retailers in the UK. Service and supply chain costs are expected to become major financial challenges. Grocery will be significantly affected with declining profit margins and consumer spending. Fashion…

Believe the Hype: Blue Yonder Receives Gartner Endorsement

IN General — 13 October, 2016

In the technology-rich world of retail, organizations look to industry experts to guide decisions about which solutions are best for their business. Gartner’s annual Hype Cycle is one of the most trusted analyses of the retail tech sector, and Blue Yonder is delighted to feature four times this year.

We are Shortlisted for the Retail Week Supply Chain Awards

We are delighted to announce that our Replenishment Optimization solution has been shortlisted for the Disruptor of the Year award at the Retail Week Supply Chain Awards 2016.

NRF 2016 Big Show – Creating theatre and losing the audience?

At last weeks National Retail Federation’s Big Show it was very clear that retailers are focused on tackling the ‘new norm’, retailing at the clock speed of todays customer, with digital transformation, Customer Experience and Big Data dominating the agenda. For me it was all about back to basics.

Why a Silo Mentality Stifles Progress in Companies

It is common knowledge that strong departmental thinking and a lack of willingness to see beyond one’s own nose are not exactly beneficial to companies. We also know how essential it is to work together towards achieving a common company goal. However, unified cooperation, not only between departments but also with the executive team, still presents…

Innovations in the Supply Chain: a Summary of the 5th Aviation Forum

The “5th Aviation Forum” was held at Hamburg’s CCH from December 8 to 9 under the auspices of the Airbus group. The topic of this year’s event was “Supply Chain Integration Challenges in Commercial Aerospace.”

Data science is not a marketing discipline

IN Big Data, Data Science, General — 09 October, 2015

What does a data scientist do, exactly? Marketing, for one, often provides a false picture, as Former CERN physicist and Senior Data Scientist at Blue Yonder Dr. Paul Schaack knows only too well.