Don't be a (food) waster. Use your data.

Last year, supermarkets accounted for 180,000 tonnes of food waste in the UK, down from 200,000 in the previous year (figures from the British Retail Consortium, BRC). Across the pond, the United States yearly throws away around one-third of all the food it produces, with grocery stores being responsible for discarding 10% of that amount.

Big Data vs. AI

About a week ago, Matt Turk published his 2016 Big Data Landscape and asked “is Big Data still a thing?”. If you follow the industry pundits, you can get the clear impression that focus and attention has shifted away from Big Data technology, which is now being perceived of being “so 2014”, towards artificial intelligence, machine intelligence and…

To learn from retail means to learn (digital) transformation

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NRF 2016 Big Show – Creating theatre and losing the audience?

At last weeks National Retail Federation’s Big Show it was very clear that retailers are focused on tackling the ‘new norm’, retailing at the clock speed of todays customer, with digital transformation, Customer Experience and Big Data dominating the agenda. For me it was all about back to basics.

Valid Predictions and Automation to Strengthen Business

Goods management and an optimal pricing system are only two of the topics currently being addressed by retail. In addition to these, there is the online channel, which you should connect to your stationary trade to provide an integrated and satisfying shopping experience. We demonstrate what contribution predictive applications make to…

Transparency in pricing : Where would we be without technology?

IN Blue Yonder, Dynamic Pricing, Retail — 08 October, 2015

Imagine you want a new pair of shoes. You visit a shop, find the perfect pair, but they are a little pricey. Do you just accept the price and purchase them there and then? The chances are the answer is no. As we move into the technology age, there are limitless options for finding the best price. A quick Google search on your smartphone will find…

Measured in key figures: selling better with dynamic prices

Dynamic pricing is not focused on the lowest price, but on the best price. As a partner of Profitero, predictive analytics specialist Blue Yonder uses its software to help commercial enterprises attain their strategic goals, such as higher sales volumes and lower inventories.  Because Profitero's competitor prices are now integrated in the solution,…

Why Dynamic Pricing Is Critical For Today’s Multichannel Retailer

The explosive growth in online shopping has resulted in increased Internet price transparency:  recent data from The Centre For Retail Research forecasts that online sales in Europe will grow by 18% to £132.2 billion in 2014.

Inaccurate forecasts are compromising profits

IN General, Retail — 21 August, 2013

Blue Yonder together with "Retail Week" took a close look at commerce in the United Kingdom; In particular how forecasting strategies are used in order to contribute towards a businesses' bottom line.