AI in Retail: How Does Automation Increase Productivity?

Is Artificial Intelligence becoming more intelligent? Perhaps it is the Amazon effect, or maybe it’s accelerated technological advances, but businesses across all industries are now harnessing the power of AI to deliver trusted forecasting and merchandising decisions.

Black Friday Best Practice: Why it Pays to Get Peak Right

IN Retail — 30 August, 2017

European retailers already had plenty to concern themselves with in the final quarter of each year before Black Friday became an annual event that required marking on their calendar.

The post-Thanksgiving deals-driven day in the US has now established itself in the UK and across Europe – and it’s causing headaches for some retailers in terms of…

Grocery Store Availability Leaves Customers Dissatisfied, but Retailers are Unaware of the Severity of the Problem

January has been a month characterized by price cuts  but low prices are not the only factor eating into profits. At a time when competition is increasing, not only from the discounters, but from new players with optimized supply chains and leading distribution networks, meeting the demands of customer experience has become far harder. Limited…

Machine Learning Is the Backbone of Next Generation Retail Applications

This is the third and final installment of our series on customer experience and how retailers can keep pace with customer decisions and deliver a true omnichannel customer experience.

Mind the Execution Gap

How retailers can keep pace with customer decisions and deliver a true omnichannel customer experience.

What customers want

Retail strategies have been reactive to customer expectation, but delivering the perfect shopping mission is eroding margins.

Spoiler alert: We’ve predicted who will win Euro 2016

In our last blog post on Euro 2016, we revealed that our founder, Professor Michael Feindt has created an algorithm to predict the Euro 2016 outcome. The algorithm - based on the NeuroBayes algorithm that we use to help retailers make the best decisions - has been fed results of every single international game ever recorded. It then generated…

Who will win the European Championship 2016?

The Euro 2016 has 94 trillion possible outcomes. We've made some predictions based on algorithms and data science of who will win Euro 2016.

New Stores, New Problems?

Many retailers are seeking to expand their business through new formats. Smaller format and convenience stores provide an excellent opportunity to reach new customers in grocery retail for example. New formats, business models and customers introduce uncertainty and costs. It is essential to both understand and predict this new demand in order to…

Retail Week Live: Algorithms Revolutionize Retail

How can retailers meet the many challenges they are facing today? Just like every year, the Retail Week Live in London will provide us with all kinds of up-to-date answers to this question. At the conference on March 16th and 17th, Michael Sinn, Director Supply Chain & Category Management at Otto Group, and Blue Yonder founder, Prof. Dr. Michael…