Grocery Store Availability Leaves Customers Dissatisfied, but Retailers are Unaware of the Severity of the Problem

January has been a month characterized by price cuts  but low prices are not the only factor eating into profits. At a time when competition is increasing, not only from the discounters, but from new players with optimized supply chains and leading distribution networks, meeting the demands of customer experience has become far harder. Limited…

Mind the Execution Gap

How retailers can keep pace with customer decisions and deliver a true omnichannel customer experience.

What customers want

Retail strategies have been reactive to customer expectation, but delivering the perfect shopping mission is eroding margins.

Don't be a (food) waster. Use your data.

Last year, supermarkets accounted for 180,000 tonnes of food waste in the UK, down from 200,000 in the previous year (figures from the British Retail Consortium, BRC). Across the pond, the United States yearly throws away around one-third of all the food it produces, with grocery stores being responsible for discarding 10% of that amount.

Automated stock replenishment on Valentine's Day

Whether you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, last weekend you couldn’t escape the red hearts and roses on the high street. Valentine’s Day is the fourth largest day for retailers, where couples splash out on romantic gifts for their valentine. In the UK consumers spend on average £35 on a gift. There is a huge opportunity for retailers to…

Big Data vs. AI

About a week ago, Matt Turk published his 2016 Big Data Landscape and asked “is Big Data still a thing?”. If you follow the industry pundits, you can get the clear impression that focus and attention has shifted away from Big Data technology, which is now being perceived of being “so 2014”, towards artificial intelligence, machine intelligence and…