Avoid food waste! Consumers are likely to buy wonky fruit and veg

There has been a quiet revolution in the supermarket fruit and vegetable aisle.  After years of physical perfection, shoppers are becoming more comfortable with wonky fruit and veg. That is one of the discoveries of our global study of 750 grocery managers on the delivery of customer experience in the omnichannel world.

How is the weather affecting retailers’ pricing and replenishment?

Temperatures soared in the UK in July and once again the clouds have made way for another burst of hot weather. Weather is often universally blamed for poor sales and low footfall figures by retailers.

Mind the Execution Gap

How retailers can keep pace with customer decisions and deliver a true omnichannel customer experience.

What customers want

Retail strategies have been reactive to customer expectation, but delivering the perfect shopping mission is eroding margins.

New Stores, New Problems?

Many retailers are seeking to expand their business through new formats. Smaller format and convenience stores provide an excellent opportunity to reach new customers in grocery retail for example. New formats, business models and customers introduce uncertainty and costs. It is essential to both understand and predict this new demand in order to…

Automated stock replenishment on Valentine's Day

Whether you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, last weekend you couldn’t escape the red hearts and roses on the high street. Valentine’s Day is the fourth largest day for retailers, where couples splash out on romantic gifts for their valentine. In the UK consumers spend on average £35 on a gift. There is a huge opportunity for retailers to…

Prizeworthy: the new dynamic pricing solution for dynamic online retailers

One of the hardest questions for anyone who makes or sells products to answer is: “What’s the right price for my product?” After all, the price is probably the one thing that most influences how successful and profitable the product is going to be. Set the price too high, and sales will be so low that fixed costs cannot be recouped. Set the price…

Measured in key figures: selling better with dynamic prices

Dynamic pricing is not focused on the lowest price, but on the best price. As a partner of Profitero, predictive analytics specialist Blue Yonder uses its software to help commercial enterprises attain their strategic goals, such as higher sales volumes and lower inventories.  Because Profitero's competitor prices are now integrated in the solution,…

Why Dynamic Pricing Is Critical For Today’s Multichannel Retailer

The explosive growth in online shopping has resulted in increased Internet price transparency:  recent data from The Centre For Retail Research forecasts that online sales in Europe will grow by 18% to £132.2 billion in 2014.

Flexible prices: Speed is not rocket science

Nothing is older than yesterday's price. Yet, the perfect price that is exactly matched to the corporate objective is derived from a plethora of factors. Dr. Michael Milnik explains why it is beneficial for organizations to calculate their prices in real time with predictive analytics software.