Why Predictive Applications are Cloud-native

We've been talking a lot about predictive applications recently on the Blue Yonder blog, and for good reason. Predictive applications provide a way to automate mass decision-making. Predictive applications are massively transforming industries. And predictive applications are already here, right in your pocket.

Fifth Aviation Forum: Innovations in the Supply Chain

At the fifth Aviation Forum in Hamburg, representatives of well-known air travel and logistics businesses will present new approaches for supply chain management. Blue Yonder founder Prof. Dr. Michael Feindt will demonstrate the potential of Predictive Applications.

New: The Blue Yonder Book

Data have become the fourth factor of production. Anyone can claim that, right? True, but we at Blue Yonder can demonstrate it using examples from the everyday business activities of companies. We’ve put all these together in our new book, “When Probability Becomes Reality,” which you can download as an ebook. Or order a printed copy, and we’ll send…

Do you use a predictive application ?

IN Predictive Application, General — 19 February, 2015

 If you are anything like me, or any other technology user in the industrialized world, you have used a predictive application before. But, chances are, you probably didn’t realize you were even using one.