Euro 2016: Surprises and predictions before the quarterfinals

Who would have predicted Iceland to win? Prof. Dr. Feindt looks closer at the 2016 European Championship and uses the Blue Yonder algorithm to review and calculate the results.

Spoiler alert: We’ve predicted who will win Euro 2016

In our last blog post on Euro 2016, we revealed that our founder, Professor Michael Feindt has created an algorithm to predict the Euro 2016 outcome. The algorithm - based on the NeuroBayes algorithm that we use to help retailers make the best decisions - has been fed results of every single international game ever recorded. It then generated…

Who will win the European Championship 2016?

The Euro 2016 has 94 trillion possible outcomes. We've made some predictions based on algorithms and data science of who will win Euro 2016.

Retail Week Live: Algorithms Revolutionize Retail

How can retailers meet the many challenges they are facing today? Just like every year, the Retail Week Live in London will provide us with all kinds of up-to-date answers to this question. At the conference on March 16th and 17th, Michael Sinn, Director Supply Chain & Category Management at Otto Group, and Blue Yonder founder, Prof. Dr. Michael…

Big Data vs. AI

About a week ago, Matt Turk published his 2016 Big Data Landscape and asked “is Big Data still a thing?”. If you follow the industry pundits, you can get the clear impression that focus and attention has shifted away from Big Data technology, which is now being perceived of being “so 2014”, towards artificial intelligence, machine intelligence and…

To learn from retail means to learn (digital) transformation

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Valid Predictions and Automation to Strengthen Business

Goods management and an optimal pricing system are only two of the topics currently being addressed by retail. In addition to these, there is the online channel, which you should connect to your stationary trade to provide an integrated and satisfying shopping experience. We demonstrate what contribution predictive applications make to…

Innovations in the Supply Chain: a Summary of the 5th Aviation Forum

The “5th Aviation Forum” was held at Hamburg’s CCH from December 8 to 9 under the auspices of the Airbus group. The topic of this year’s event was “Supply Chain Integration Challenges in Commercial Aerospace.”

Predictions for 2016: The Year of the Algorithm

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Why Predictive Applications are Cloud-native

We've been talking a lot about predictive applications recently on the Blue Yonder blog, and for good reason. Predictive applications provide a way to automate mass decision-making. Predictive applications are massively transforming industries. And predictive applications are already here, right in your pocket.