Waste Away: How New Replenishment Models Are Reducing Shrink

In grocery retail, waste is no longer the inevitable consequence of making sure customers always get what they want. Increasingly, retailers are recognising the myriad ways to mitigate waste – with many different motivations pushing them to adopt new models and techniques that reduce shrink.

How to Win the Grocery War One Customer at a Time

When companies do big acquisitions, it is often the customer who is the last to be considered. The digisphere is buzzing with commentary on the Amazon purchase of Whole Foods and what this means for retail once the eponymous pureplay got seriously into bricks and mortar. And it can’t be much fun to be any large US grocer watching your share price…

100 % Fresh and Optimal Product Availability in Grocery Retail

Customer expectations in today’s omnichannel retail food business are tremendous, especially in fresh produce. Machine-Learning solutions make it possible for retailers to keep customers satisfied without threatening margins.

Replenishment Optimization Provides Morrisons with the Best Availability

Morrisons improved product availability, reducing shelf gaps by up to 30% using Replenishment Optimization, a machine learning solution for automated ordering.

‘Courgette Crisis’ Highlights Importance of Fresh Assortments in Grocery Retail

Retailers need to better predict demand and automate replenishment decisions for competitive advantage.

Grocery Store Availability Leaves Customers Dissatisfied, but Retailers are Unaware of the Severity of the Problem

January has been a month characterized by price cuts  but low prices are not the only factor eating into profits. At a time when competition is increasing, not only from the discounters, but from new players with optimized supply chains and leading distribution networks, meeting the demands of customer experience has become far harder. Limited…

Fresh: The Most Important Battlefield for Grocery Retail

A global survey of 4000 consumers reveals that shoppers are being left disappointed with the freshness of their grocery purchases.

Grocery retailers need to improve their pricing decisions

A global study of 750 grocery decision-makers reveals key challenges in meeting customer expectations. In our blog post, we take a closer look at pricing and how it is impacting customer experience in the grocery retail industry.

Avoid food waste! Consumers are likely to buy wonky fruit and veg

There has been a quiet revolution in the supermarket fruit and vegetable aisle.  After years of physical perfection, shoppers are becoming more comfortable with wonky fruit and veg. That is one of the discoveries of our global study of 750 grocery managers on the delivery of customer experience in the omnichannel world.

46% of grocery retailers are still basing replenishment decisions on ‘gut feeling’

A global study of 750 grocery decision-makers reveals key challenges in meeting customer expectations.