NRF 2016 Big Show – Creating theatre and losing the audience?

At last weeks National Retail Federation’s Big Show it was very clear that retailers are focused on tackling the ‘new norm’, retailing at the clock speed of todays customer, with digital transformation, Customer Experience and Big Data dominating the agenda. For me it was all about back to basics.

Customer Data Platform: Toward the personalization of customer experiences in real time

IN Customer Experience — 10 April, 2015

While many articles have covered the benefits of big data to marketing and customer experiences, few have detailed methods for how these benefits can be realized.

Availability of goods: "Retail, manufacturers and logistics agents must all work together"

IN Customer Experience, Grocery — 12 June, 2012

Reassuring: According to the inventory system, there are still five strawberry yogurts in stock.Annoying: Eight customers have already expressed their irritation at the empty shelf.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Stölzle teaches and researches in the area of logistics management at the University of St. Gallen. At our Big Data & Analytics Congress he will…