Welcome to digital reality – Today, 99 percent of all business processes can be automated

IN Big Data, Blue Yonder — 22 May, 2015

Imagine that it is Saturday afternoon and you go to the local supermarket you always shop at. You are surprised to find a supermarket employee who greets you personally with a shopping cart filled with the goods based on your individual needs and wishes without you having to lift a finger. An amazing idea, don't you think? No more long lines;…

The Difference Between Enterprise and Consumer Predictive Applications

Predictive Applications are everywhere (and they are hardly being noticed). In one of our previous blog posts, I showed that more than half of a typical early adopter's home screen is already covered by predictive applications. These predictive applications collect data, make predictions (hence the name) and ultimately drive decisions, for instance…

Industry 4.0: Chips against data bottlenecks

IN Blue Yonder, General — 02 February, 2015

The Internet of Things, with concepts such as the connected car, unlocks previously unimagined possibilities for both manufacturers and consumers. But there is one problem: How will gigantic data quantities from sensors be transported over mobile radio networks and analyzed in real time? The solution: a chip that decides which data is relevant using…

Forward Demand: Data Science powered SaaS solution designed for business users

IN Blue Yonder, General — 16 September, 2013

Blue Yonder presents today its SaaS solution with which retail and consumer goods enterprises can optimise demand planning in real time. Blue Yonder CEO Uwe Weiss explains the Background.

Ovum recommends Predictive Analytics Suite

Ovum, an independent London analyst firm, selected Blue Yonder software for a SWOT analysis.  An important step, says Jan Karstens, CTO at Blue Yonder.