Big Data – a field that is yet to be plowed

IN Big Data, Blue Yonder — 18 November, 2015

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Mercator customer conference: Predictive analytics in aviation

Mercator out of the United Arab Emirates  is a leading software provider for the travel, transport, and logistics industry. Our colleagues Ingolf Mollat,Volkmar Foelsch, and Thomas Hermanns were at the Mercator customer forum  on October 19 and 20, 2015 at the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel, in Dubai.

Conference: Big data as strategic value creation instrument

IN Big Data, Blue Yonder, Events & Awards — 28 October, 2015

Big data analytics, from a very practical vantage point. On October 28th, 2015, management consultancy Horváth & Partners will be hosting the Second Big Data Conference at the Mövenpick Hotel Stuttgart Airport & Messe in Germany. ANDREAS SCHMIDT, product manager at Blue Yonder will talk about the use of predictive applications, at the conference.

Avoiding declining sales figures

IN Blue Yonder, Events & Awards — 27 October, 2015

The numbers are literally hot off the printer. On October 20th, the figures on papers sold by the most important regional newspapers in Germany came out. As in past years, the figures are deep in the red. Almost all the daily newspapers in Germany are losing readers in significant numbers. The situation is particularly serious in the German capital…

Industry 4.0 at Harvard. More than big data and industry

Industry 4.0 is now a common discussion topic in corner offices. So much so that this year’s German American Conference at Harvard is focussing an entire panel on digital change. The conference will once again have a number of prominent participants, including Uwe Weiss, CEO of Blue Yonder.

Transparency in pricing : Where would we be without technology?

IN Blue Yonder, Dynamic Pricing, Retail — 08 October, 2015

Imagine you want a new pair of shoes. You visit a shop, find the perfect pair, but they are a little pricey. Do you just accept the price and purchase them there and then? The chances are the answer is no. As we move into the technology age, there are limitless options for finding the best price. A quick Google search on your smartphone will find…

Technology Review: Blue Yonder is one of the most innovative enterprises

Amazon, Facebook, Uber: Blue Yonder is in good company with its inclusion in the 50 most innovative enterprises list. "Technology Review" went looking for companies that will lastingly change our world and found Blue Yonder. Their predictive applications are an expression of digital change and help businesses make the right automated decisions. A…

Scalable Data Science: Apache Aurora at Blue Yonder

IN Blue Yonder, General — 18 July, 2015

As a SaaS provider, we at Blue Yonder care about the full lifecycle of predictive applications. It is not enough to build, train and run machine learning models once; we have to continuously operate and maintain them in order to keep pace with the evolving businesses of the customers we are empowering.

Prizeworthy: the new dynamic pricing solution for dynamic online retailers

One of the hardest questions for anyone who makes or sells products to answer is: “What’s the right price for my product?” After all, the price is probably the one thing that most influences how successful and profitable the product is going to be. Set the price too high, and sales will be so low that fixed costs cannot be recouped. Set the price…

New: The Blue Yonder Book

Data have become the fourth factor of production. Anyone can claim that, right? True, but we at Blue Yonder can demonstrate it using examples from the everyday business activities of companies. We’ve put all these together in our new book, “When Probability Becomes Reality,” which you can download as an ebook. Or order a printed copy, and we’ll send…