Automated processes are the gold of the digital future

Blue Yonder, with the motto "Into the Digital Future with Predictive Applications and Automated Processes," invites you to an event to be held on July 7th and 8th, 2015 the 4th Big Data & Analytics Congress in Cologne, Germany. The name Datalympics suggests what the event is about: The focus here is not theory, but practice.

How random is our daily life?

Maybe you’re riding the subway one morning on your way to work and by chance in the crowd of people you see someone you know, someone who you last saw 20 years ago. What a coincidence! Another situation: you rush to get to your local bakery. Despite the large number of customers, the baker always has enough of the delicious, fresh bagels and rolls…

Welcome to digital reality – Today, 99 percent of all business processes can be automated

IN Big Data, Blue Yonder — 22 May, 2015

Imagine that it is Saturday afternoon and you go to the local supermarket you always shop at. You are surprised to find a supermarket employee who greets you personally with a shopping cart filled with the goods based on your individual needs and wishes without you having to lift a finger. An amazing idea, don't you think? No more long lines;…

The Difference Between Enterprise and Consumer Predictive Applications

Predictive Applications are everywhere (and they are hardly being noticed). In one of our previous blog posts, I showed that more than half of a typical early adopter's home screen is already covered by predictive applications. These predictive applications collect data, make predictions (hence the name) and ultimately drive decisions, for instance…

The Causality Trap

IN Big Data, Machine Learning — 23 April, 2015

The fact that correlation and causation are not the same is a well known fact among statisticians and data scientists. For instance, there is a distinct correlation between the number of people drowning in swimming pools in the US and the number of movies Nicolas Cage appears in. Yet not even his harshest critics would accuse Mr. Cage of causing…

Research Project iPRODICT: Internet of Things Daily Production.

IN Big Data, General — 23 January, 2015

iPRODICT, a pilot research project in the Internet of Things, is a project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education. Additional organization involved in the project include, DFKI GmbH, the Fraunhofer Institute IAIS, the Pattern Recognition Company AG as well as Blue Yonder GmbH as one of the initiators of the project. iPRODICT will be…

Michael Feindt spends time with David Cameron and Angela Merkel

IN Big Data, Events & Awards, General — 12 January, 2015

Prof. Dr. Michael Feindt, Founder and Chief Scientific Advisor of Blue Yonder began the year with a special meeting in his calendar: together with other key business leaders, Dr. Feindt was invited to the British Museum to meet the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom as well as the German Chancellor. 

Blue Yonder — in the leader quadrant of Experton's big data vendor benchmarks

IN Big Data, Events & Awards — 29 October, 2014

The Experton Group AG congratulates Blue Yonder on its excellent outcome in the Big Data Vendor Benchmark Deutschland 2015 study. Blue Yonder reached the leader quadrant of the Big Data Analytics Software & Solutions category this year.

Blue Vantage: Your big data guide

IN Big Data, General — 22 September, 2014

Using the Blue Vantage consulting package, enterprises can analyze what business value- added predictive applications offer them, before a project even begins. This allows management to make an informed decision and helps make big data projects successful. 

Big Data Analytics in Logistics: Best Practices

IN Big Data, General — 29 August, 2014

"Big Data in Logistics," a current trend report from DHL, looks at the question of whether the huge data volumes in the industry can be turned into better knowledge for improved decision-making. Katrin Zeiler coordinated the creation of the report. In a guest post, she summarizes the most important aspects.