Big Data vs. Artificial Intelligence

In recent years, almost all companies have jumped on the bandwagon to invest in Big Data. Each year, Matt Turck compiles a comprehensive list of Big Data companies that shows the relevant players on the market. Although such a list is ultimately incomplete, the recent versions have become so complex and detailed that they become hard to read, even…

Big Data vs. AI

About a week ago, Matt Turk published his 2016 Big Data Landscape and asked “is Big Data still a thing?”. If you follow the industry pundits, you can get the clear impression that focus and attention has shifted away from Big Data technology, which is now being perceived of being “so 2014”, towards artificial intelligence, machine intelligence and…

NRF 2016 Big Show – Creating theatre and losing the audience?

At last weeks National Retail Federation’s Big Show it was very clear that retailers are focused on tackling the ‘new norm’, retailing at the clock speed of todays customer, with digital transformation, Customer Experience and Big Data dominating the agenda. For me it was all about back to basics.

Predictions for 2016: The Year of the Algorithm

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Why Predictive Applications are Cloud-native

We've been talking a lot about predictive applications recently on the Blue Yonder blog, and for good reason. Predictive applications provide a way to automate mass decision-making. Predictive applications are massively transforming industries. And predictive applications are already here, right in your pocket.

Big Data – a field that is yet to be plowed

IN Big Data, Blue Yonder — 18 November, 2015

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Conference: Big data as strategic value creation instrument

IN Big Data, Blue Yonder, Events & Awards — 28 October, 2015

Big data analytics, from a very practical vantage point. On October 28th, 2015, management consultancy Horváth & Partners will be hosting the Second Big Data Conference at the Mövenpick Hotel Stuttgart Airport & Messe in Germany. ANDREAS SCHMIDT, product manager at Blue Yonder will talk about the use of predictive applications, at the conference.

Data science is not a marketing discipline

IN Big Data, Data Science, General — 09 October, 2015

What does a data scientist do, exactly? Marketing, for one, often provides a false picture, as Former CERN physicist and Senior Data Scientist at Blue Yonder Dr. Paul Schaack knows only too well.

Technology Review: Blue Yonder is one of the most innovative enterprises

Amazon, Facebook, Uber: Blue Yonder is in good company with its inclusion in the 50 most innovative enterprises list. "Technology Review" went looking for companies that will lastingly change our world and found Blue Yonder. Their predictive applications are an expression of digital change and help businesses make the right automated decisions. A…

Prizeworthy: the new dynamic pricing solution for dynamic online retailers

One of the hardest questions for anyone who makes or sells products to answer is: “What’s the right price for my product?” After all, the price is probably the one thing that most influences how successful and profitable the product is going to be. Set the price too high, and sales will be so low that fixed costs cannot be recouped. Set the price…