Applying Artificial Intelligence to the Retail Plastic Problem

IN Artificial Intelligence — 19 October, 2018

Uwe Weiss, CEO at Blue Yonder discusses how as the ethical consumer rises, retailers must implement new processes to radically reduce waste.

Britain’s generation of plastic waste is showing no signs of slowing down. A Guardian investigation conducted earlier this year suggested that plastic packaging waste has reached 1.5 million tonnes a year in…

Intelligent Pricing Could Help to Eliminate Waste from Luxury Brands

IN Artificial Intelligence — 16 October, 2018

The recent news that luxury brands have destroyed millions of pounds worth of unsold merchandise, to avoid their products falling into the wrong hands and being sold on the “grey market” at knockdown prices, illustrates the challenges that these brands face in matching pricing and customer demand.

The Case of the Missing Aubergine

IN Artificial Intelligence — 11 October, 2018

Earlier this summer, an aubergine shortage at a supermarket in Cheltenham, UK, captured the imagination of the Twittersphere after a ‘devastated’ local resident expressed his dismay at being greeted with an empty bay when he went to find the vegetable.

AI-Powered Price Optimization Could Boost the UK Retail Market

IN Artificial Intelligence — 04 October, 2018

The latest figures from the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed that the World Cup and this summer’s heatwave have kept shoppers away from the high street. Sales grew by 0.7 per cent in July following a 0.5 per cent fall in June – changes primarily driven by strong online sales and the food sector, with barbecues, alcohol and garden…

Blue Yonder’s World Cup Run: AI turns its Attention From Retail to Goal Scoring

IN Artificial Intelligence — 24 July, 2018

Blue Yonder’s AI solution spends most of its time analyzing vast amounts of data to predict customer demand and optimize pricing across the retail sector. However, this summer, we took on our biggest challenge yet: predicting the results of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.  

The Future of Commerce: The Importance of Innovation

There’s been a major shift in the way consumers shop. With global retail giants like Alibaba and Amazon disrupting the traditional order of things, businesses have begun to realize the importance of data, AI, automation and omnichannel innovation.

Why Is In-Store Grocery Shopping Still No. 1 Choice for Consumers?

IN Artificial Intelligence — 02 May, 2018

Today, we’re deep into an online revolution, but is grocery retail getting left behind? Trends suggest that consumers across Europe still prefer to shop in store, and it might just be thanks to AI.

How Is Blue Yonder Using AI to Transform Retail?

IN Artificial Intelligence — 26 April, 2018

Today, retailers across all sectors are facing a flood of industry challenges to keep up with their competitors. These include clunky legacy systems, dealing with a growing bank of business data, over-squeezed margins, and the rising cost to serve.

How Retailers Handle Price Wars: Europe Versus the US

On both sides of the Atlantic, retailers are facing two major industry pain points, flattening demand and compressed prices. Behind both these issues, however, is fast-changing consumer behavior. In both markets, there’s a race to fulfil consumer demand effectively and efficiently.

Empowering the Retail Workforce with AI

IN Artificial Intelligence — 09 April, 2018

It is hard to ignore the media sensation around robots, automation and artificial intelligence – while the benefits are clearly documented, there is still a certain amount of nervousness in the market. Will robots really take our jobs? Or are they actually ideally placed to make routine tasks like data analysis easier to manage, leaving skilled…