The Smart Data Innovation Lab: Smart data from big data

IN Big Data — 26 March, 2014

The Education and Research for the Digital Future working group of the German government’s national IT summit has founded the Smart Data Innovation Lab . Blue Yonder is one of the co-founders of this initiative in Karlsruhe, Germany. CEO Uwe Weiss describes its background.

Smart Data Innovation Lab

From science to business: The Smart Data Innovation Lab (SDIL) is run at the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) in Germany. The goal is to turn big data into smart data. Research institutions such as KIT, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence ((Deutsche Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz (DFKI)), the Fraunhofer Society and the Jülich Research Center work there with more than 20 companies including Bosch, Bayer, Siemens, and BASF. This research “platform” helps gain economically useful knowledge from big data that is generated at companies involved in production. 

 Blue Yonder, founded by Michael Feindt, professor for experimental nuclear physics and a recognized expert in predictive analytics, profits from Professor Feindt’s scientific background. Blue Yonder’s algorithm-based solutions were originally developed in particle physics. In addition, the data scientists at Blue Yonder all come from renowned universities and research institutions. They share the conviction that theory and practice are intertwined. Together, we take on the challenges in business of gaining accurate forecasts from big data, for example regarding demand and the need for replacement parts.

 We contribute our software and our know-how to SDIL with the goal of supporting manufacturing enterprises, in particular, with accurate predictions, so that they can make the right decisions. This often involves mass decision-making, which can increasingly be automated with software. Existing resources can better be used in that way. Enterprises can thus plan their foreseen requirements flexibly and exactly, in real time. We develop industry-specific solutions on that basis.

In this way, we make an essential contribution to meeting the core goal of the SDIL initiative: securing a decisive competitive advantage for European enterprises. Europe is characterized by a broad and diverse mid-sized class of companies. The more enterprises that can use predictive analytics in the form of industry-specific SaaS solutions, the more will big data be recognized as a valuable good, both economically and also for society in general. For example, in health care and in the development of our cities, this will lead to significant gains in efficiency. 

Uwe Weiss Uwe Weiss

CEO , is the visionary at Blue Yonder . His aim is to bring together the top class in Data Science and Enterprise software in an international market leader .