Retail Week Live: Algorithms Revolutionize Retail

How can retailers meet the many challenges they are facing today? Just like every year, the Retail Week Live in London will provide us with all kinds of up-to-date answers to this question. At the conference on March 16th and 17th, Michael Sinn, Director Supply Chain & Category Management at Otto Group, and Blue Yonder founder, Prof. Dr. Michael Feindt, demonstrate how retailers can use algorithms.

Retail Week Live: Algorithms revolutionize retail

For more than a quarter century, London’s “Retail Week Live” has been an innovative source for retailers. Taking place on March 16th and 17th, this year’s conference has chosen the motto “inspiring retail, connecting retail, advancing retail.” The program is full of innovative keynotes and inspiring practical examples. This is where the industry’s top executives, most influential personalities and visionaries choose to gather together.

They are now in demand more than ever. Retailers are facing a number of challenges at the moment. Digitalization provides opportunities, but also requires companies to react quickly so as not to get left behind by the competition. Retailers need to evaluate new technologies, and if found beneficial, implement them. In addition to this, customers are reacting completely differently than they did just a few years ago. They are well informed, have high expectations and turn their backs on a retailer much faster now when they are no longer satisfied. Those who choose to meet the challenges with Big Data find themselves confronted with the question of how to evaluate all the customer data in a sensible manner and keep it beneficial for the retailer. What is of importance to remain fit for the future? About 100 speakers from well-known retailers provide answers to these questions during Retail Week.

Matt Davis, CEO Tesco UK, is giving the opening speech. Ray Kelvin, founder and CEO of the fashion retailer Ted Baker, is going to explain the background behind the success of his company in an interview. Retail Week named Ted Baker “Retailer of the Year” last year. We will learn from Leendert Den Hollander, Vice President and General Manager of Coca Cola Britain, how super brand Coca Cola has managed to continue fascinating customers even after 130 years. Michael Wards, Managing Director of Harrods, is presenting the customer journey in “luxury ecommerce”. Nigel Oddy, CEO, House of Fraser, will describe digital change at his department store chain. Since China’s Sanpower took over the company, House of Fraser has ruled the Dragon Economy thanks to its sophisticated online strategy.

Michael Sinn, Director Supply Chain & Category Management at Otto Group, and Blue Yonder founder Prof. Dr. Michael Feindt are also preoccupied with data-driven processes. An algorithm, developed for experiments at the nuclear research institute CERN, is setting off a quantum leap in retail. With the help of the algorithm and predictive analytics, scientists succeeded in selecting the few relevant pieces of data from an infinite amount of results. In retail and in other sectors, the algorithm is best put to use when huge amounts of data are the basis for optimal decisions. Whether for automated replenishment or dynamic pricing in real time, you can achieve success for your company goals with Predictive Applications.

Learn more about these and other exciting solutions on March 16th and 17th at Retail Week Live! Register now!

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