Research Project iPRODICT: Internet of Things Daily Production.

IN Big Data General — 23 January, 2015

iPRODICT, a pilot research project in the Internet of Things, is a project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education. Additional organization involved in the project include, DFKI GmbH, the Fraunhofer Institute IAIS, the Pattern Recognition Company AG as well as Blue Yonder GmbH as one of the initiators of the project. iPRODICT will be launched as a prototype in the German Organisation Voelklinger mill Saarstahl in order to support and control is production as well as business processes with foresight.


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iPRODICT is the acronym for ‘Intelligent Process Prediction based on Big Data Analytics.’ Under the leadership of the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) a range of key research institutes and software companies have joined forces to prove to Saarstahl AG that Big Data Analytics significantly optimizes the potential for production and maintenance for manufacturing organisations.

After the technical and functional requirements have been defined in a six-month design phase, iPRODICT will be integrated and implemented in the Voelklinger Mill in the next two years as a prototype programme. During this time, the project partners will conclude which partially automized business processes can be optimized. Data streams are combined from processes as well as sensor networks and monitored by CEP (Complex Event Processing) in real time. Possible deviations from the optimal process will be predicted from the data collected, which prevents quality fluctuations early.

Process Optimization in Real Time

With the use of sensors, production processes will be monitored in real-time, which would lead to, for example, maintenance of machinery to occur at the ideal time. This is directly linked with the idea that lies behind the Internet of Things – to create production environments where all decisions are validated by data. Processes will no longer be isolated, but connected and completely optimized within the surrounding environment.

Blue Yonder are delighted to be part of this landmark project. Due to our experience in the Predictive Analytics area and being exposed to Big Data Analytics on a daily basis, Blue Yonder has noted that the digitization of production has begun; however this has not yet been recognized in many organizations as yet. Blue Yonder are convinced that both large and mid-sized organizations will benefit significantly from this in the near future. iPRODICT gives the project partners a opportunity to prove how much of a benefit this approach really has.

On the 28th of January, a press conference at Saartahl Germany, this project will be presented to the public. Among the key speakers there will be Dr. Karlheinz Blessing, CEO Saarstahl AG, explaing the project. Giving background to the project will be led by Prof. Dr. Peter Loos, director of the Institute for computer science at the DFKI, Dr. Dirk Hecker, Director of the Fraunhofer Alliance Big Data, and Dr. Wolfram Jost, Chief Technology Officer, Software AG from. Annegret Kramp-carts Bauer, Saarland Prime Minister. Their presence emphasizes the importance of innovative IT research - not only for the industrial site Saarland, but also for the entire German economy.

PD Dr. habil. Frank Kienle PD Dr. habil. Frank Kienle

Since 2013 Dr. Frank Kienle has been active in the Internet of Things and is firm believer in the potential of data science. He holds a doctorate in electrical engineering and has more than ten years of experience in data processing and modern algorithms. From 2007-2012, he oversaw numerous projects in the area of semiconductors. He lectures at Blue Yonder Data Science Academy as well as at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern.