Optimized sales planning with Forward Demand 5.0

IN General — 26 March, 2015

User-friendly data visualization and expanded reporting power: the 5.0 version of Forward Demand gives commercial enterprises even more flexible sales planning. We introduce the latest version of our SaaS solution here.



Retail is facing a cold wind: customers are becoming more and more price-conscious and demanding. They now expect that a product will be available at 8:30 PM. Finding empty shelf space might be acceptable once, but the second time, the customer is not willing to accept it and goes to the next retailer. This not only harms sales, but the enterprise’s image. With Forward Demand 5.0, the SaaS solution for sales planning, we offer sales enterprises the power to plan and manage their products more accurately. With the improved intuitive user interface, the product range can be exactly managed for each store, based on demand.

Forward Demand provides exact sales forecasts for each product at each location. With the 5.0 version, users recognize changed demand even faster. The self-learning forecasting algorithm automatically adjusts to new situations and integrates them. In this way, commercial enterprises ensure that goods are available at all times. We integrated additional capabilities alongside reporting functions that visualize data. Also new is a monitoring function for weekly forecasts. Commercial enterprises can leanly manage products with a weekly order rhythm and save on expensive storage space.

Here are some new features in Forward Demand 5.0:

  • National holidays such as Easter and Christmas, but also regional and local events that could have an influence on goods sales are graphically represented — for a solid planning foundation.
  • Forward Demand 5.0 can represent “missing data.” Enterprises whose goods sales are subject to irregular swings or which don’t sell on certain weekdays gain important capabilities.
  • Forward Demand now adapts to changing conditions faster. The SaaS solution identifies noticeable developments such as goods that are selling well at certain “hot” seasonal times, but that only have moderate sales at other times.
  • Due to the improved Microsoft Excel integration, enterprises can immediately create initial sales forecasts and see fast results.

Forward Demand 5.0 delivers accurate sales forecasts and detailed daily forecasts for fast-moving goods. Highly variable factors were included in the analysis such as price development, the weather, and seasonal sales actions. Users can identify seasonal, monthly and weekly sales patterns based on historical data. In this way, they plan more accurately than their competition.

The SaaS solution Forward Demand can be integrated easily into any IT system landscape and uses the advantages of the cloud. The software uses standard interfaces to process existing data, integrated with the ERP system or data warehouse of the enterprise. It can be immediately used. With Forward Demand 5.0, you convert your data into satisfied customers, and satisfied customers come back.

Learn more about Forward Demand 5.0 — your SaaS solution for perfect sales forecasts.


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