New: The Blue Yonder Book

Data have become the fourth factor of production. Anyone can claim that, right? True, but we at Blue Yonder can demonstrate it using examples from the everyday business activities of companies. We’ve put all these together in our new book, “When Probability Becomes Reality,” which you can download as an ebook. Or order a printed copy, and we’ll send it to you right away. TITEL_EN

What happens — in concrete terms — when companies turn their data into value? Which processes can be automated? How does the economy profit from digital Change? Blue Yonder’s book “When Probability Becomes Reality” uses ten real-life data stories to show how companies have boosted their productivity using predictive applications and at the same time lowered their costs. In the book we take a look at various business areas such as production, customer management, logistics and purchasing.

Campers on the Adriatic coast are hungry for seafood, and predictive applications can calculate demand almost down to the last shrimp. They also allow the 24/7 shop in Munich’s city center to anticipate the exact number of bretzels/bagels needed. This means that the Italian grocer and the German baker can plan precisely. Customers get what they want, everything that’s needed is available in the store and no unnecessary goods are stocked.

In our data stories, you’ll discover why a checkout receipt says more than a thousand words and the right price for a swimsuit when the holiday is a washout. Order your digital or printed copy today and learn how your company can profit from being able to look into the future. With our scientifically developed methods and algorithms, you’ll be able to make accurate forecasts that will give you a decisive competitive advantage.

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