Gartner: Better insight with predictive analytics

IN General Predictive Analytics — 12 April, 2013

Approximately 70 Percent of the world's most profitable companies will implement predictive analysis software in 2016. That is what a recent Gartner study says. Companies recognize new business areas and chances, but also risks in real-time and adjust their strategy accordingly. Watching Businessman

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Predictive analytics gives companies better insight into their own business as well as into the development in the business area. According to a recent Gartner study, the most profitable companies in the world unanimously realize this. Approximately 70 percent of these top organizations will implement the relevant software by 2016. This enables decision makers at all levels in the organization to quickly react accordingly, in order to increase the profit and avoid damages to their own organization.

 Predictive Analytics and the Internet of Things

Gartner concentrates on customer processes as well as cost reduction and risk avoidance. „Intelligent business operations“ (IBO), a self-learning software application that generates accurate forecasts through permanent feedback and in real-time, gives life to concepts like industry 4.0 or Internet of Things and Services IoTS. A look at the sheer flood of already existing and expected data it quickly becomes perfectly clear that the main challenge is to turn the data into useable data.

 More Than Six Billion Devices With IP Addresses

Bosch forecasts that there will be more than six billion devices with IP addresses by 2015. Already today, many machines are capable of steering themselves. Objects give out information about what should happen to them next and report when a process step is completed. Automobiles know what they are missing and transmit valuable information to OEM's, suppliers and garages via sensor. If we desired, these machines could drive without our intervention in the near future. Passionate drivers would be very reluctant to have the wheel taken out of their hands. What was it that Daimler manager Dieter Zetsche once said? "A mercedes will never be a better streetcar." 

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