Forward Demand: Data Science powered SaaS solution designed for business users

IN Blue Yonder General — 16 September, 2013

Blue Yonder presents today its SaaS solution with which retail and consumer goods enterprises can optimise demand planning in real time. Blue Yonder CEO Uwe Weiss explains the Background.


Seite-4.1-englisch All Information at a glance. Disposition with Forward Demand


With Forward Demand our SaaS solution for accurate demand planning provides materials planners with a simple interface with which they can avoid costly over-stock and under-stock situations.

Forward Demand is a Predictive Analytics SaaS offering that is user friendly, easy to implement and proven to improve forecast results by 20 to 40 per cent.  The payoff for retail and consumer goods companies is dramatic because:”

  • Stock as well as write-offs can be reduced by up to ten per cent
  • Out-of-stock situations are prevented, increasing sales by more than one per cent

Forward Demand provides superior forecasts, particularly for goods on sale and for seasonal articles as well as for perishable goods such as fresh foods including fish, dairy, fruit and vegetables.

 The software thereby makes direct positive contribution to making retail sales sustainable and the improvement in material planning directly correlates to waste reduction.  Adding values from various Excel tables is now a thing of the past for purchasing.  Materials planners will find the information that they need via Forward Demand’s intuitive interface.  The solution supports IT as data transfer to and from our SaaS solution is based on established secure standards.

 We are very proud to have poured the world's best scientific research into a big data SaaS solution that is easy and intuitive to use by business users.  Instead of simply talking about it here, why don’t you gain your own impression of Forward Demand by watching our video.

Uwe Weiss Uwe Weiss

CEO , is the visionary at Blue Yonder . His aim is to bring together the top class in Data Science and Enterprise software in an international market leader .