The food industry plans better with Blue Yonder

High write-offs and stockouts put pressure on sales, creating a problem for both retailers and manufacturers. With Forward Demand, the SaaS solution for accurate demand planning, the consumer goods industry significantly lowers its costs and fully exploits its sales potential.


A large grocery market’s German bottler had a problem: The order figures and the requirements forecast for end consumers simply did not match, resulting in financially damaging delivery bottlenecks and excess stock. The company turned to Blue Yonder, not least because of our experience in the food retail sector. Our data experts included end-consumer transaction data in the software and ended up with much more accurate forecasts that were better adapted to existing conditions and were ahead of time.

 While drinks generally have a long shelf life, sushi and other fresh convenience products made and sold by the German food company Natsu only keep for a few days. Natsu supplies high-quality chilled meals to about 1,700 individual retail stores and picks up those that are no longer fresh. But the company’s strict quality standards meant that write-offs were around twenty percent. Now Natsu integrates sales forecasts from Blue Yonder into its processes. The sales data are used to calculate realistic order and requirement forecasts, which management is now using to put an end to the high write-offs, reduce logistics costs and increase customer satisfaction.

 Exact sales forecasts for the consumer goods industry

In future manufacturers will also need to continually optimize their requirements planning, just as retailers have. With accurate weekly requirements calculations, they can avoid the risk of over-and under-stock situations. Forward Demand from Blue Yonder puts enterprises of all sizes in a position to fully exploit the potential of accurate sales forecasts:

  • Stocks needed in-store are reduced by up to ten percent (10%)
  • Since delivery bottlenecks are no longer a problem, sales increase by more than one percent (1%)
  • Write-offs are reduced by about ten per cent (10%)

Forward Demand is as effective as it is because it includes weather and other external factors such as holidays and regional events in its forecasts.

At Blue Yonder, we have set up our solution as Software as a Service in order to make implementation as easy as possible for you. Forward Demand can be integrated into your existing IT landscape without any additional investments. Since the predictive analytics software has its basis in the Cloud, it is particularly good for medium-sized enterprises. At the same time, companies can use their existing data through standard interfaces. A user-friendly interface and comprehensive range of services allow each enterprise to fully exploit Forward Demand.

 The pre-configured Blue Yonder solution includes a series of options to meet your particular requirements. What issue is your enterprise facing? Contact us . Let's talk.

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