Experton's forecast for Germany: Industry 4.0 will become a mega-trend

IN General — 12 February, 2014

In the view of the Experton Groupthe importance of Industry 4.0 for Germany as a business location is vastly underestimated. Using powerful software instruments that analyze data from sensors and from the entire production environment, manufacturers and commercial enterprises are able to boost their efficiency and profit.

The Experton Group has identified Industry 4.0 for the year 2014 as the most important ICT (information and communications technologies) trend . With Industry 4.0, predictive analytics ̶ big data that looks into the future ̶ is entering the “classic” production environment. In one of Experton's current newsletters, it explains: "The goal is the intelligent factory (smart factory), which has the ability to change resource efficiency and ergonomics, as well as the integration of customers and business partners into the business and value-creation processes." Thanks to advanced predictive analytics, production, commerce, service and customers will all move closer together.

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Analysts highlight an "invisible neural network," that brings together all parts of the production process. Blue Yonder's solutions will meet this trend, analyzing the enormous data volumes from production facilities in real time, so they can be used for efficient management. The data can be machine- and sensor data, but also data from ERP systems, which can provide information on current material stock and future needs. Whether it is Industry 4.0 or simply for replacement parts logistics or sales forecasts in the grocery trade, the transformation that has been released by the potential of mass data is finding fruition in the most diverse sectors. The result is better use of existing resources.

 Blue Yonder Managing Director Uwe Weiss, says: "The strengths of predictive analytics  particularly come to fruition in business areas that require mass, operative decisions. Today, planning and automation are the decisive factors that allow businesses to survive in a tough competitive environment." In order to respond to constantly changing requirements and conditions in the manufacturing environment, specific software is needed that takes on these changes. The high-performance Blue Yonder software with its origin at the CERN research center provides this requirement. Its "heart" is a self-learning algorithm. Experton notes, with Industry 4.0 and with trends like big data, that IT is finally obtaining "the big opportunity to be able to achieve the often called for alignment of IT with­ business, and the massive value-add of ICT, in business success." Nothing needs to be added to that.

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