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IN Events & Awards — 28 January, 2013

Blue Yonder CEO Uwe Weis took part in the DLD digital conference last week and not only to receive the Digital Star 2013.Here are some of the impressions he took away from the event:

uwe weiss

Uwe Weiss, CEO Blue Yonder, at the awarding of the Digital Star 2013.

Some people have incredible charisma. Peter Thiel is one of these people. He held the closing speech at the DLD conference. It was my personal highlight. Peter Thiel is the personification of the intellectual businessman. He built Paypal from the ground up and, to this day, has left a lasting mark on the online retail business as we know it. It's amazing how business ideas, that the market never saw coming, could turn out to be so influential. The English language has coined the wonderful term 'disruptive innovation'.

Big Data and PowerPoint

Peter Thiel made clear at the conference, that innovation must always be driven by technology. This reflects in the type of attention a conference like the DLD draws. In every room, at every booth and in every break out session, Big Data was the big topic. Since this is the focus of our business market, I secretly grinned at all the brouhaha in the discussions on this topic. DJ Patil, one of the leading data scientists from the US hit the nail on the head: everyone is talking about Big Data, unfortunately, mainly at a PowerPoint level.

 Data scientists need a modern education

During the conference there was a lot of talk about the career path of a data scientist, the core competence of Blue Yonder. We are also concerned here about what Peter Thiel had to say about education on the other side of the Atlantic: "Education is almost the opposite of technology." It's a good thing that we have the well-equipped and practically oriented KIT (Karlsruher Institute of Technology) right at our doorstep, because innovation begins in clever minds.

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