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IN Big Data General — 22 September, 2014

Using the Blue Vantage consulting package, enterprises can analyze what business value- added predictive applications offer them, before a project even begins. This allows management to make an informed decision and helps make big data projects successful. explore-quantify-act

Anyone standing at a crossroads without a map feels helpless. After the big data gold-rush phase, for many enterprises a new reality has set in. You want to obtain information from your data that will support you in your decision-making, but which data exactly, and — critically — to what goal? At Blue Yonder, we have come up with a solution: In three short, fast, consecutive project steps, the Blue Vantage consulting package lets you assess the value -added of predictive applications specifically for your enterprise.

 Predictive Applications: Assess the value-added early on

 We begin with a kick-off workshop. We work with your experts and decision-makers to provide you with a view of your data world and find out — together with you — what you can learn from it using predictive analytics. To do this, we fully analyze your enterprise processes and how you deal with data in your existing systems. What does the data you already have really provide? Is it sufficient for a big data application? Even at this early stage, we are able to tell you if the prerequisites for predictive analytics exist in your enterprise.

 After the workshop or “Explore” phase comes the “Quantify” step. We check your data structure and evaluate to what extent the data can be related to the defined goal variables. We then determine whether the predictive applications developed in phase one are realizable and estimate the expected forecast quality. From that we can assess the business potential that a forecast solution offers. In phase three, which we call Act, we present you with the results and plan concrete realization steps with you. With Blue Vantage, you reach your goal quickly and reliably. While decision-makers at other enterprises are still standing at that crossroads wondering which path to choose and whether any of them takes them where they want to be to, you will already be on your way. You know what economic value your individual predictive analytics project will bring because together with us, you have created the prerequisites for productively operating a valuable solution.

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