Big Data – a field that is yet to be plowed

IN Big Data Blue Yonder — 18 November, 2015

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I can hardly believe it, but a new year will be upon us very soon – it’s only two months away. When I think about the topics of the preceding week, “Big Data” has still been omnipresent for our company throughout 2015 – although in October, Gartner proclaimed the “algorithms rule” (more on this in a following blog post). This is not likely to change after 2016, because the market is still growing. The analysts at Experton Group assume that German Big Data will grow by up to 3.75 million Euros by the year 2020. The businesses that are already implementing projects are also prepared to heavily invest in the usage of their data in the future, the analysts say. A further point that stands out in the market analysis is that, with the growth of the Big Data market, it will become necessary to transform the business process to that of a data-driven business model. However, it will be difficult for businesses to put the data-driven model into practice. Change management and adaptability for large businesses now necessitate productively taking on proof-of-concepts and tests in order to gain a competitive advantage.

Still too few businesses know why Big Data will make their business model more efficient and how it will create a new model. Gartner is of the opinion that the topic has already reached the mainstream.

A current study supports this statement with the argument that 76 percent of IT decision-makers have adjusted investments, or were planning to do so, to leverage Big Data.

Gartner explained further that around three quarters of the businesses would like to further invest in Big Data projects in the coming years. What is certain is that the initial impulse still frequently comes from above or from IT managers, and not as often from the individual lines of business. The latter are changing slowly, because they have come to appreciate the value of data-based solutions only by degrees. This is naturally dependent upon how far “Big Data” has already been incorporated into the business, but also whether or not it has already been made accessible to the individual employee. Until now, it has still been mostly the “usual suspects” such as marketing, IT, or finance that have worked with the idea. Can one then say that Big Data has reached the mainstream?

Big Data is undoubtedly inextricable from Industry 4.0 as well as with the development of the Internet of Things. There are also multiple example projects for Big Data analytics, but still no comprehensive developments. In my previous blogs I have already presented pilots and practical implementation examples, which Blue Yonder has also put into practice. I was of course very pleased that the Experton Group recently honored Blue Yonder by naming us as a Rising Star in the current independent “Big Data Vendor Benchmark 2016” because of our growing number of cases of usage. Furthermore, the analyst house honored 36 businesses such as Microsoft, Teradata, SAP, Oracle, and also Blue Yonder, for our solutions and products for the analysis of very large amounts of multi-structured data. Of the businesses interviewed, Blue Yonder was classified in the leader quadrant in the area of “Analytics Solutions” alongside businesses such as HP, IBM, SAP, and SAS.

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