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CEO , is the visionary at Blue Yonder . His aim is to bring together the top class in Data Science and Enterprise software in an international market leader .

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Applying Artificial Intelligence to the Retail Plastic Problem

IN Artificial Intelligence — 19 October, 2018

Uwe Weiss, CEO at Blue Yonder discusses how as the ethical consumer rises, retailers must implement new processes to radically reduce waste.

Britain’s generation of plastic waste is showing no signs of slowing down. A Guardian investigation conducted earlier this year suggested that plastic packaging waste has reached 1.5 million tonnes a year in…

The Future of Commerce: The Importance of Innovation

There’s been a major shift in the way consumers shop. With global retail giants like Alibaba and Amazon disrupting the traditional order of things, businesses have begun to realize the importance of data, AI, automation and omnichannel innovation.

Empowering the Retail Workforce with AI

IN Artificial Intelligence — 09 April, 2018

It is hard to ignore the media sensation around robots, automation and artificial intelligence – while the benefits are clearly documented, there is still a certain amount of nervousness in the market. Will robots really take our jobs? Or are they actually ideally placed to make routine tasks like data analysis easier to manage, leaving skilled…

What Can AI do to Help Reduce Plastic Waste in Supermarkets?

IN Artificial Intelligence — 26 March, 2018

It’s estimated that British supermarkets create 800,000 tons of plastic waste each year. Concerns over the amount of plastic waste were also raised by the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, who encouraged Britain’s major grocery stores to set up plastic-free aisles.

To learn from retail means to learn (digital) transformation

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Predictions for 2016: The Year of the Algorithm

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Big Data – a field that is yet to be plowed

IN Big Data, Blue Yonder — 18 November, 2015

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Transparency in pricing : Where would we be without technology?

IN Blue Yonder, Dynamic Pricing, Retail — 08 October, 2015

Imagine you want a new pair of shoes. You visit a shop, find the perfect pair, but they are a little pricey. Do you just accept the price and purchase them there and then? The chances are the answer is no. As we move into the technology age, there are limitless options for finding the best price. A quick Google search on your smartphone will find…

Algorithms Are the Engine of Digitalization

IN Dynamic Pricing — 06 August, 2015

At the beginning of July, we held our fourth Big Data & Analytics Congress (we call it the Datalympics), where participants learned how to better master digital change. The focus was on how companies can drive their business-process optimization, for example using automated materials planning, Industry 4.0, and dynamic pricing.

How random is our daily life?

Maybe you’re riding the subway one morning on your way to work and by chance in the crowd of people you see someone you know, someone who you last saw 20 years ago. What a coincidence! Another situation: you rush to get to your local bakery. Despite the large number of customers, the baker always has enough of the delicious, fresh bagels and rolls…