Prof. Dr. Michael Feindt

is the mind behind Blue Yonder. In the course of his many years of scientific research activity at CERN, he developed the NeuroBayes algorithm. Michael Feindt is a professor at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany, and a lecturer at the Data Science Academy.

Recent Posts

AI in Retail: How Does Automation Increase Productivity?

Is Artificial Intelligence becoming more intelligent? Perhaps it is the Amazon effect, or maybe it’s accelerated technological advances, but businesses across all industries are now harnessing the power of AI to deliver trusted forecasting and merchandising decisions.

Making an impact in 20-AI-teen

Disruptive technology is the name of the game in the fourth industrial revolution, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to be at the forefront of advances across many industries. For example, healthcare has benefitted from new cancer detection methods by analyzing high resolution images; scientists have also been working on the AI inside…

Tesco’s Green Satsumas Show the a-peel of Reducing Food Waste

The recent news that Tesco is to sell green satsumas, after hotter than average temperatures in Spain prevented the fruit from turning its usual orange colour, reflects growing consumer acceptance of grocery products that do not necessarily conform to conventional standards, as well as recognition by the retail industry that they must do more to…

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - the new Era in Retail?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are quickly becoming a key priority for innovative Retailers looking to secure a competitive advantage in 2017. But what are they exactly? How mature is the technology? The modern customer expects a consistent Customer Experience and demand their products right here, right now, but retailers are…

Artificial Intelligence: Silver bullet for retail?

We recently asked food retailers what the most important technological trends are. 56% were convinced that artificial intelligence and machine learning will change the future of retail. Another 32% believe this to be true right now.

Grocery retailers need to improve their pricing decisions

A global study of 750 grocery decision-makers reveals key challenges in meeting customer expectations. In our blog post, we take a closer look at pricing and how it is impacting customer experience in the grocery retail industry.

Euro 2016: Surprises and predictions before the quarterfinals

Who would have predicted Iceland to win? Prof. Dr. Feindt looks closer at the 2016 European Championship and uses the Blue Yonder algorithm to review and calculate the results.

Euro 2016: Wales’ chances have significantly improved

The first of the big games are behind us, with a few surprises to keep us on our toes. As you know, Blue Yonder’s founder and chief data scientist is watching Euro 2016 not only as a football fan cheering Germany to the final, but also with anticipation on the predictions created using data from all historical international football games. This data…

Spoiler alert: We’ve predicted who will win Euro 2016

In our last blog post on Euro 2016, we revealed that our founder, Professor Michael Feindt has created an algorithm to predict the Euro 2016 outcome. The algorithm - based on the NeuroBayes algorithm that we use to help retailers make the best decisions - has been fed results of every single international game ever recorded. It then generated…

Who will win the European Championship 2016?

The Euro 2016 has 94 trillion possible outcomes. We've made some predictions based on algorithms and data science of who will win Euro 2016.