Jan Karstens

Jan, CTO, is responsible for product and technology development and thus for the “heart” of the Blue Yonder software. He has over 15 years of experience in software engineering and in software architecture as well as in modern database technologies.

Recent Posts

The Promise of Artificial Intelligence & the Reality of Super-Human Performance

Watson, Einstein, Leonardo. These names were chosen as product names for Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based technology. These names are not random choices – they are names associated with brilliant and creative minds, reflecting the aspirations these products have. These exceptional figures are extremely individual and have had such a profound…

Democratizing Big Data and Predictive Analytics

IN Big Data, General — 04 December, 2013

What should I do in the Big Data space? This is a question I often hear from C-Level executives in organizations of all sizes.Our answer at Blue Yonder is to explore the predictive analytics space. Companies can use modern analytic tools to examine big data to gain insights that improve business efficiency, spot trends and opportunities and predict…

Ovum recommends Predictive Analytics Suite

Ovum, an independent London analyst firm, selected Blue Yonder software for a SWOT analysis.  An important step, says Jan Karstens, CTO at Blue Yonder.