Dr. Michael Milnik

received his bachelor’s degree in physics at the Universität Karlsruhe. After completing his master’s degree in philosophy and history of science at the London School of Economics, he returned to the Universität Karlsruhe as a doctoral candidate in experimental particle physics. After receiving his Ph.D, Milnik began as team leader of customer analysis at the predictive analytics specialists Blue Yonder. There he manages several customer projects around individual issues related to Big Data and predictive analytics.

Recent Posts

Flexible prices: Speed is not rocket science

Nothing is older than yesterday's price. Yet, the perfect price that is exactly matched to the corporate objective is derived from a plethora of factors. Dr. Michael Milnik explains why it is beneficial for organizations to calculate their prices in real time with predictive analytics software. 

Analytical Thinking and Perseverance

Data scientists are a hot commodity at the moment. They usually come from the field of physics, like Dr. Michael Milnik, and as a result have excellent mathematical skills. What other skills they should bring to the table and why being a data scientist is one of the most rewarding career choices in the world, explains the team leader of customer…