Ask, measure, learn: Big Data Analytics in practice

IN Big Data General — 15 July, 2014

Blue Yonder sent out invitations to the Big Data & Analytics Congress, and that for the third time. The Power of Big Data was impressively demonstrated in Frankfurt am Main in Germany.

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"A German's most prized possession" is sometimes how automobiles are described in Germany, and the auto is an object that generates a lot of data. What location would be more appropriate for a meeting of various industry sectors that have discovered big data than the Classic Car Museum in Frankfurt, a city known for its classical themes and history?  Blue Yonder managing director Uwe Weiss met the Director of LinkedIn's Data Science unit, Dr. Lutz Finger there. Finger, a big data expert, entrepreneur and author explained how big data identifies the right data, highlighting the key activities involved:  

  • Ask the right questions
  • Measure the right things
  • Derive the right actions

 Renowned enterprises such as Bosch, multi-channel retailer OTTO, and Natsu, a young and up-and-coming company and supplier of high-end sushi meals shared experiences with big data from their daily work. This colorful mix of industries underscores what Uwe Weiss said at the start: "The digital revolution is happening daily." Anyone who wants to be part of it tomorrow has to use predictive applications today, which make data-supported decisions possible. Two particularly effective applications were focused on at the congress that reduce costs and increase profit: sales planning and dynamic pricing.

 With the point of view of a manufacturer of technical devices, Dr. Lothar Baum, Project Director at Bosch, is a part of this digital revolution. The company's products continually generate potentially useful data. Already, 2,400 of the company’s 15,000 software developers are working on the Internet of things and services. In the foreseeable future, Bosch plans on earning two-thirds of its sales with networked products. The developers are working intensively on data security and on privacy and the private sphere as it relates to data. But just preparing the data is still the biggest challenge. The congress was rounded off with discussions led by Steria Mummert Consulting, Olik, Talend, pmOne, and Capgemini. As diverse as the topics and challenges outlined at the Third Big Data & Analytics Congress were, the speakers and visitors were unified on one thing: There is no alternative to big data as the foundation for decisions and the motor for automation. 

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