Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - the new Era in Retail?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are quickly becoming a key priority for innovative Retailers looking to secure a competitive advantage in 2017. But what are they exactly? How mature is the technology? The modern customer expects a consistent Customer Experience and demand their products right here, right now, but retailers are struggling to adapt. Current omnichannel concepts makes replenishment and competitive pricing strategies increasingly complex.

Is Artificial Intelligence the magic bullet to overcome this?

In this three-part podcast, we showcase the benefits of the technology and use practical examples from Blue Yonder’s customer base to explain exactly what Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are. Listen how Artificial Intelligence can be integrated into any retail strategy to directly benefit retailers looking to remain competitive in 2017.

Prof. Dr. Michael Feindt Prof. Dr. Michael Feindt

is the mind behind Blue Yonder. In the course of his many years of scientific research activity at CERN, he developed the NeuroBayes algorithm. Michael Feindt is a professor at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany, and a lecturer at the Data Science Academy.